Automatic Fire Alarm Association’s – December, 2014 Webinar

NFPA 72 (2013) –  Documentation Wednesday December 17, 2014 –  1:00pm until 2:30pm EST

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The only new chapter added in the 2013 edition of NFPA 72 is Chapter 7 on documentation. In addition to relocating existing documentation requirements from other chapters, new information has been added that will have an impact on future jobs. This section specifically spells out for the building owners what must be submitted when the local AHJ requires such documentation. Join us to find out the impact of these new requirements.

Free Online Lesson from the Academy of Fire

Sprinkler Technology

Introduction to Most Remote Areas

Excellent Class for: AHJ’s, Contractors, Designers, Enforcers, Engineers

This course will guide the participant through the requirements for sizing a remote area found in NFPA 13. Participants in this class will learn the basic concepts for sizing a remote area. Students that complete this course will be able to:

– Select the remote area size from figure in NFPA 13

– Identify when the ‘Quick Response Reduction’ may be applied

– Determine the correct reduction in remote area size permitted with the ‘Quick Response Reduction’

– Determine when the size of a remote area needs to be increased

– Determine the required minimum length of a remote area.

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